shante (adimeadozen) wrote,


getting caught sneaking out sucks, especially by the cops, especially when you're on probation, especially when you're super barred out. my parents were very pissed, but lucky for me they didnt call my p.o. i guess i should be thankful but im more pissed, because now they're going to keep the alarm on every night. which means i cant sneak out for the next month or so. damn! i know that isnt a very long time but this means noooo social night life.. noooo getting faded. only during the day, but that is only so much fun. nighttime is what its all about. i could still prolly find a way to get out, but i havent decided if its worth it yet. i am so close to being free, and they said next time im caught i will definately be called on. so damn, hard decision. i had such good plans for this weekend too! my fucking bitch mom sold me out too she told the cop straight up i was on probation and i had 8 o clock curfew. and just waited to see what he would do. he could have taken me right there. thank god for the generous cops ive been encountering lately. ive been pulled over 4 times in the past 2 weeks, and this is the only consequence ive been faced with. this must mean something...
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