shante (adimeadozen) wrote,

i'm really bored and i want to write a long entry about something important but i realize i dont have much important to say. how disappointing. last night some people at my work got caught smoking weed by my boss on the clock and hes super pissed. i had to work today and he came in and talked to everyone and now he knows we've pretty much all smoked there and he's mad that i knew other people did but i didnt tell him because i guess he trusted me alot. well, not anymore. he told me never to wear my tongue ring again and no one is trusted anymore. we are all screwed. no one is fired, but it will be really shitty for the next few months. dammit i hate when people fuck up and i have to deal with their shit. FUCK MY WORK. i hate jersey mikes so much i never want to go back again unfortuantely i have a fucking bitch p.o. that makes me keep a job. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. i'm going to look for a new job anyone know any places hiring?
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